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An English introduction to Dutch poet Alexis de Roode

Alexis de Roode started reading poetry in public in 2003, made his debut in 2005, and has since published four poetry collections with Podium Publishers in Amsterdam. He also edited an anthology of Dutch satyrical verse. His poems were included in more than 70 anthologies and special publications, including translations to German, French, English and Polish. In March 2017 his well-received fourth collection, Unfolding a stone, came out.

Poetry International Rotterdam created a page on Poetry International Web with an introduction to his work and English translations of ten poems from Unfolding a stone by Donald Gardner. You can find it here.

A quote from the page: “The poet, who was praised for his “grotesque play with language”, has grown into a distinct voice in the Dutch poetry landscape.”

Reading in the national “Night of Poetry” in Vredenburg Tivoli, Utrecht, 16 September 2017
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